Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope that Santa was able to make it to everyone's homes this year. I know he made our first Christmas extra special. :)

Take time to enjoy family and friends today. If you are in the middle of wedding planning, take a break for one day... your fiance will thank you for it ;)

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes to everyone.

Take care until next time,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas EVE to everyone!

I can't believe it is already Christmas! Wow, how time flies.

Well, since it is Christmas Eve, I thought I would share with you some gifts that I got my family.

This will start out a little random.

First of all, David's Bridal rocks. Yep, I said those cursed words. Not only did I get an amazing dress there, but they sent me all kinds of free stuff. Soooo, I used some on Christmas gifts!!!

They sent me a coupon code for a FREE 8 1/2 x 11 digital photobook from Shutterfly!!! HELLLOOO!!! WOOHOO!!!

That is exactly what I was planning on getting my parents and myMr's parents for Christmas. So, I assembled an absolutely beautiful wedding photobook on Shutterfly for them and only had to pay for one! AND it was free shipping! AND David's Bridal send me a coupon code for a 12 month photo calendar, so I made one with wedding pictures for us in the same shipment!

Shutterfly == <3!!!

Grandparents were easyyyy this year. I printed 5x7 pictures (Gotta love Costco for digital prints) of me, my Mr, and each of our grandparents and put them in kick butt frames that I got at Michael's for $2.00. No, that is not a typo. $2.00!! :)

As you can tell it was a very wedding Christmas this year, but hey might as well take advantage of it while we can. They will love it.

I'll share just one page with you now...

UPDATED: We already gave one grandparent the photo and she cried she was so happy!!! Ahhhh YAY for Christmas joy!! :)

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wedding Nerves

Ok, I will try not to be too graphic in this post, but let me tell you... I had some MAJOR wedding nerves the morning of.

I did not feel nervous AT ALL. Like, not even a little bit. But, my stomach felt otherwise.

The morning of the wedding, these were my best friends:

When I was taking my shower in the morning, I seriously had to sit down to wash my hair out because I felt like I was going to pass out or vomit or both.

When I got out of the shower, I sat on my bathroom floor in my towel about to vomit... and then I did... several times... ya, sorry guys. Hope you aren't reading this at lunch.

It was the most bizarre thing ever. I felt so confident and excited, but my stomach did not agree.

I ended up with a queasy stomach for several hours. The only thing that kept it under control was Tums. I ate way too many of them haha

So, a little note to you ladies... be sure to carry Tums with you on your wedding day. You will be thankful you did!!!

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Make-up

Ok... So back to wedding posts..

The plan for my makeup was to get it done at MAC at 10 am. I had made appointments for me and two other bridesmaids... or so I thought...

I was running a little late from getting my hair done, so I rushed over to MAC. On my way there, my BM called me and asked if I was sure that I had made appointments. I said yeah and that I had double checked and made them at 10 am.


They weren't even open at 10.

WHAT THE HECK, right!?

I instantly went into freak out mode (kinda, I remained pretty calm) and had no idea what to do. We knocked on the door because we could see people in the store setting up. A lady came out and looked on their appointment list and said that they don't even open until 11 and that they are completely booked.


Even more freaking started. I had no idea what to do. I needed to be completely done with my makeup in 90 minutes and the store wasn't even open and I had no appointment AND they were booked.


The woman went and got her manager. The manager came out and was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I am seriously so thankful for this woman. She told me not to worry that they would do everything in their power to take care of all of us. They said at the VERY least they would FOR SURE do my makeup. I was so relieved.

We walked around the mall a bit and then came back a few minutes before the store opened. Just before they opened, the manager came out and called my name and told me to come in. WOOOHOOO! I was able to get my makeup done!!!!

On top of that, EVERY single person that booked their appointment for 11 canceled. Since they canceled, ALL of my BMs were able to get their makeup done too.

This experience made me LOVEEEEEE MAC even more.

I have no idea where I made my 10 am appointments and that whole situation seriously baffles me still today. It was pure craziness, but I could not have been happier with how my makeup turned out! :)

TA-DA!!! Hair and makeup COMPLETE!

Take care until next time,

Monday, December 21, 2009

I did the unthinkable...

I just unsubscribed from weddingbee on my google reader!!! :-O

I used to spend ALL my time on Wedding Bee. We had a fabulous relationship. But now, I want to focus my time on giving my readers what they subscribe to me for.

Let's see how long the unsubscribing lasts...hehe

Take care until next time,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I told you there was more to come!

So let's fast forward a week or two... we are happily married... had an amazing honeymoon...

... now it's time to get some money back...

You better believe I was not just going to let that go. I was determined to get reimbursed for our venue fee.

I sent an email to the bitch that caused all these problems letting her know that I was wanting to know the status of the reimbursement and this is what she says:

" I did check on getting you some type of a Refund, and corporate denied it unfortunately. I am so sorry, but what I did get my general manager to do is get a gift certificate for you for dinner :)"

Oh helllll no... I am not going to accept a restaurant gift certificate. They needed to follow through with SOMETHING since they were so full of empty promises.

So... I sent her the BEST email I have ever sent in my life. I don't feel it is appropriate to post it on here, but I basically let her know that a gift certificate was not going to be acceptable and that they needed to follow through with their promises for once.

I ended up getting half of the venue fee back. I claim that as a victory in my book. It wasn't worth fighting for the other half. I got my point across and that is truly all I cared about anyways.

Thankfully, that is the end of MOST of the drama. :)

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre-Wedding Melt Down

Remember the bitch that I got into a verbal argument with seen here: bitches-and-effing-hoes

So here is what happened...

My parents and I went up to my venue the day before the wedding. We spoke to the head catering director (since the bitch that was screwed everything up wasn't there). We told him exactly how they have screwed us over. I was a mess.

See... that was me. Ya... no fun. Well, we left there with the catering director telling us that we would be reimbursed the entire venue fee and that we could come in two hours before and they would make sure the Susan G Komen people were gone. Yes, he was attempting to help, but I was sooo hung up on the principle of it all that this was not good enough.

It was not about the money, it was the fact that they totally screwed up all of the plans that we had previously made for their own gain.

I ended up getting a call from the head honcho over there and very politely I told her... and I quote... "You guys seriously need to be kissing my butt right now"

Yaaa that didn't go over well.

Anyways, she got over my little comment. I kindly made some valid points with her though and she knew I was very hurt by how they treated me.

In the end, she said that they would bring on 4 extra staff members to help set up so my family members wouldn't have to. At this point, I just had to let it go... Afterall, I didn't want to have swollen eyes on my wedding day!!! :)

Oh... don't worry... there is definitely more to come on this topic.

To be continued...

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today is the day!!! Today is the day!!!!

I get to pick up our professional pictures todayyyy!!!! I am sooo freaking excited!!! Now I can start doing recaps for you all!!! :) :) :)

Until then, I will leave you with the little teaser that my photographer left for me!

Recaps start tomorrow!!! :)

Take care until next time,

P.S. The concert was UHHHH-MAZING!!!
P.P.S. Married life is so flippin fantastic!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I always know it's Christmas time when TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA comes to town!!!

MyMr and I go see them every year!!! It is seriously the hilight of the winter :) Well I am a short 90 minutes away from leaving work to go to the concert tonight!!!! Ahhh I can't wait. I am so glad we are continuing this tradition into married life.

If you have never heard them, crawl out of your hole and hit up iTunes!!! Hehe. It will definitely help spread some Christmas cheer!!! :)

Do you have any Christmas traditions?!

Take care until next time,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under where?!

Still trying to figure out what lingerie to wear under your dress??? Look no further!!!

I found the most amazing undies for my wedding day. They were so comfy that I didn't even notice them all night!!

The brand is Hanky Panky. I bought mine at nordstrom but I am sure that you can find them elsewhere too. My favorite part of all is that I got ones that said "I do" in rhinestones!!! Anddddd not just any rhinestones... My favorite... Swarovski crystals!!!!!

They also made them that said bridesmaid and maid of honor which would make a fabulous gift for your bridesmaids.

Seriously ladies... Run... Don't walk to your nearest hanky panky retailer!! You won't be disappointed!!!! :)

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guess who gets their pro pics back this week...

We do we do we do!!!

I have already seen them online and they turned out great!!! As soon as I get the disk in my hands, I will be able to share them with you.

I am anxiously awaiting the email that tells me to pick them up!!!


Take care until next time,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't hate me :(

I never thought I would say this but married life is even crazier than engaged life!!!

Goodness gracious I feel like I have left you all out in the cold. I promise that very soon the recaps will start!!! Woohooo!!!

Trust me, guys... It is worth the wait. :)

Take care until next time,

P.S. I can't believe I have been married 1 1/2 months already!!! Ahhh I loveeee him!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zit free wedding day

One thing I was so worried about was having a big fat zit in my face on my wedding day. I'll be honest... I have terrible skin. I have been fighting with acne my whole life. No fun at all.

So, I decided early on that I needed to take care of my face prior to the big day of there was any shot of being zit free.

First, I started paying attention to exactly what makes me break out. This was not a study that could be done over night. It took a while for me to figure out exactly what did it for me. I came up with two reasons: stress and that time of the month. Stress was the one that I was most worried about because weddings are stressful.

The way I battled the stress was getting a lot of things done early. Obviously there will always be last minute things, but the more prepared you are the better. My face thanked me for it!!

For my shower, one of my bridesmaids got me a gift certificate for a "refresh facial." I used this exactly one month before the wedding. This was exactly what I needed to give my face a good clean starting foundation.

After the facial, I did a proactiv facial mask once a week. I didn't want to go crazy and have my face react to harsh treatment so I stuck to once a week.

I also used my three step proactiv face wash twice a day.

By the time the wedding came, my skin had NEVER looked better in my life. Even the girl that was doing my makeup commented on how great my skin was. I had never heard a comment like that before. I was always the girl with mild acne. But on my wedding day, I was zit free!!!!! :)

What is your skin care regime?

Take care until next time,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 1/2 hours at the DMV =

Not a very happy Stacie. Haha

Butttt... My name is officially changed on my drivers license and my car is in my new name!!!!!!!

Woohoooo!!! :) :)

take care until next time,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cake Table!!!

Our cake table was something that was very special to myMr and me. We really wanted to honor those who have shown us how to love.

In order to do so, we gathered pictures of our grandparents and parents cutting the cake at their wedding. Then, we proudly displayed those pictures on our table. It meant SO much to our families. As a memento, we gave the pictures to our parents and grandparents. They were so incredibly grateful. I am so happy we did it.

Here is our cake table!!!

Take care until next time,

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Hairrr

So, if you remember from my previous post, I was a little crazy and decided NOT to do a hair trial. Not only did I decide not to do a hair trial, but I was also getting my hair done by a new hair lady. She had never met me before or anything. She was recommended to me by my sister in law, so I had total trust in her.

Was I happy with that decision?! ABSOLUTELY.

I feel like so often, hair does not turn out how you want it when you do a hair trial and it could stress you out even more. My lady was AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVED my hair.

So, here are the pics!!!

Curlin my hurrrr

Alllll curlyyyy... but not done yetttt!

ALLLLL DONE!!! :) :) :)

Take care until next time,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Absolute BEST splurge

Our DJ!!!

Holy moly this guy was amazing!!! He had soooo many ideas that were so unique. He got everyone on the dance floor and having a great time!

The best part is that this "splurge" wasn't even really a splurge. His prices were really reasonable!!

To get the night started, he got every single guest on the dance floor for a group picture. Then after our photographer got a group shot, he played a fun upbeat song that everyone can dance to. Let me tell you... The dance floor was hoppin!!! If you are getting married, you have to have your DJ do this!!

I can't share all of his secrets at once, so I will leave it at that for now. I have been getting guest photos so I will start sharing those and start the recap process!! :) i'm so excited to share it all with you.

If you are in the San Diego county or north county and need a DJ let me know. You have to book mark right away. :)

Take care until next time,

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm alive!!!!

And married and soooo happy to call myMr my husband!!

I can't spill too many details now but the day was amazing and I can't wait to share all the good bad and ugly with you!!!

Take care until next time,

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I get to marry my best friend in the whole wide world today! This is AWESOME!

I can't wait to be your wife, baby! Today is the day! I am yours forever (whether you like it or not) ;)

Happy wedding day!!!!!

P.S. I will have SO much to tell when we get back from LAS VEGASSSSS!!!

Take care until next time,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bitches and Effing Hoes

Goodness gracious... I am SO livid right now.

We had our rehearsal tonight. Everything was great. We practiced, we laughed, we had a fantastic time. Then the bomb dropped.

The head catering director at our venue informed me that there is a Susan G. Komen event before my wedding and that we would not be able to come set up until 3. The wedding starts at 4. Queue horrified reaction now.

Guests tend to arrive 30 min or so prior to a wedding. That means that we would have 30 min to set up the tables (including guest book table, gift table, and candy table), decorate for the cermony, string lights everywhere, etc. Hell no... this is NOT happening.

I had been told by my venue that if they were to potentially book another event the same day that they would call me to see if it was okay with me. AND as incentive, they would split the cost of renting the venue between the two groups...

... I never got a phone call and I never got a reimbursement.

This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. They COMPLETELY went back on their word and they just expect me to be okay with it.

We are going to raise hell first thing in the morning. This bitch at my venue will NOT be getting away with this.

2 days...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 days!!!

Where the heck is time going?!

There are seriously only 4 days until the wedding... AHHHH!!!!

The first set of relatives have already made their way to good ol Cali-for-ni-a! I can't believe it! The next wave of family comes in on Thursday.

Today is my LAST day of work before the wedding. I am going to have the next week and a half off! It couldn't have come at a better time.

Weather report looks FANTASTIC for Sunday! Let's hope it stays that way!

Sorry, I have very few coherent thoughts. It's more like a bunch of rambling.

I am getting married guys!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Take care until next time,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shower #2 Pics

6 days left!!!!!

Okay, so I know that I have not posted shower #1 pics yet, but I have not gotten them yet!!! I promise they will come soon!

In the mean time, here are some pics from shower #2!!! I only have a few :( boooo

This is me and FSIL!!! She is so gorgeous it is sickening. This is my makeup from my makeup trial. I think it looks better far away ;) hehe

My mama and me! Isn't she gorgeous! :)

The most fabulous cake ever!!! OH MY GOODNESS it was delish!

It was from Extraordinary Desserts!! :) MMMMMMM

That is all I have for now. I will post more when I get them!! :)

Take care until next time,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bird Cage Card Basket

That's how many days until I marry the man of my dreams!!! Oh my goodness I cannot wait!

I decided that I have the best followers ever. You guys are stickin by me even when I suck at posting! I feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off haha.

Well, I decided to give you guys something fun today. It is our card basket. I was able to borrow a white bird cage from FSIL (her wedding was last year). It was just plain white, so I knew that it was in desperate need of blingage. So, I came up with this design:

I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. It is amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do for you!

What kind of card box are you using?

Take care until next time,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make up trial

I recently had my makeup trial at MAC.

Let me start by saying that I am OBSESSED with all things MAC. HOLY MOLY I <3 it! :)

I had an interesting experience with my make up artist, however.

It began fine... we discovered how we went to the same college... blah blah blah. She finishes my makeup and I look in the mirror and no joke, my eyelids were PINK! I mean PINK!!! Like PINK! haha

As politely as possible, I told her what the hell were you thinking that was not the look I was going for. I asked for more of a smokey eye look. She edited my makeup and it turned out much better. Although I felt the blush made me look like a hooker... I am pretty pleased overall.

Well, here you go!

Me, no makeup... oh God, I can't believe I am posting this...

And then... the finished product:

I am not in LOVE with it, but it will do... I will probably make some minor adjustments on the big day...

What do you think? Do I look like a hooker? haha

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am OFFICIALLY not homeless anymore!!!!

Pictures to come!!! :) thank god!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

For the Love of Marriage Licenses

MyMr and I had a lovely time getting our marriage license yesterday. When you read the word "lovely," think PURE sarcasm.

Here is how it goes:

I went to work for a couple of hours and left for a long lunch to go get our licenses. MyMr stayed home to sleep in a bit and was going to go into work late. As I am leaving work to go to pick him up, I call. No answer. At that point, I knew he was either still sleeping or in the shower.

Then, the next thought in my head is "OH CRAP! I FORGOT TO PRINT AND FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK." Oh dear. I was running a little late, but I figured I should have enough time to print out the paperwork at home and fill it out in the car on the way down.

Then, I try to call myMr again. Still no answer. At this point I am about 2 minutes away from him. I call again and finally he answers. Yep... he was still sleeping.

Oh well, no biggie, he gets ready quickly.

So, I get home and run to my parents office (the only room with a printer) in order to print out our paperwork. To my surprise, I find a locked door. I have no key. What the eff?! My parents NEVER lock that door... but it just-so-happens that when I desperately need it open, it is locked.

Crap. We are running late AND we have no paperwork. FANTASTIC.

Oh wait... it gets better.

We rush to the car to go drive to the courthouse to get our license. We park the car and walk to the building. We stand in a line to get in because they are performing xrays on all belongings. Then, we go and speak with the information lady to see where we are supposed to go...

... Sure enough, we were at the wrong place. We were at the place where you visit juvees in jail, have jury duty, etc. Sweet.

So, since parking is pretty bad in that area, we decide to walk to the correct building... 3 blocks away in 100+ degree weather.

Good Lord!

We finally arrive 30 min fashionably late for our appointment. The lady then informs us that we MAY have to make another appointment. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

There is a good ending to this story, though. The people at the county recorders office had hearts and took us anyway. Sure enough, they were able to provide us with the paperwork. We filled it out, turned it in, paid the $50 bucks, and now... we can OFFICIALLY get married!!!

Hallelujah I love a good ending!

Did anyone else have a crazy experience getting their marriage license?

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, with 19 days until the wedding, we MAY have found a place to live!!

MyMr and I found this fabulous townhouse near my work!! The only thing that is not so fabulous... The flaming pinkish-purple walls in the master bedroom and the mildew in the bathrooms. Gahh!!

We are notifying them that we are interested in the place if they let us take a paint brush to the master bedroom and if THEY hire someone to scrub it free of mildew!!!

Cross your fingers!!!

Take care until next time,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hi, My name is HisMrs...

... and I am the WORST blogger in the history of the world!

Please forgive me.

These past couple of weeks have been crazy with little wedding details. I am definitely making progress though!

Man, you guys don't even know how many posts that I have to read in reader. And, on top of that, I have about a gazillion posts starred that I have read that I need to make comments on. I promise I will catch up though!

I finally booked our florist!!!!!! Thank GOD! Here is the price breakdown:

My bouquet (hand tied, all white roses, no greenery, wrapped in white ribbon).... $125 (HOLY CRAP, right!? So much money for a bouquet, but I really wanted mine to look professional.)

Flower girl petals (green and white rose petals for the flower girl.... 2 boxes for $40 (We should have a lot extra for the aisle too)

Boutonnieres (white roses w/ no greens, white wrap, for groom, groomsmen, jr. groomsman, ring bearer, dads, and grandparents)... 12 @ $8 ea total=$96

Corsages (wrist w/ pins of 2 white roses and babies breath white ribbon, for moms and grandmas)... 8 @ $17 ea total=$136

Extra flower petals (green and white petals)... 2 boxes @ $20 ea total=$40

Grand Total=$475.24

I don't think these are the best prices we could have gotten but I don't think the damage was too bad. We still are making the bridesmaid bouquets and jr bridesmaid bouquets ourselves.

Check out our DIY babys breath bouquets here!!!

Ok, I promise I will be better about posting next week. Don't hate me!!! :)

Take care until next time,

Monday, September 14, 2009


Our honeymoon is OFFICIALLY booked!!! I can't believe it!!

It is definitely more of a mini-moon than a honeymoon but it is going to be SO much fun!!!

Are you ready for this!!?!

We are going to VEGASSSS!!!!!

We got a rockin suite at Mandalay bay with a jacuzzi tub!!! Omg I am so excited!!!!

Almost there!!!!!

Take care until next time,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holy crap!!!

I get married one month from today!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best conversation ever...

Me: So I think I decided to get waxed for our honeymoon!


Haha. Thanks for all of your great advice! I think I have decided to go ahead and do it!! You only live once, right?!?!

So, in other news... I have decided to join a softball league at work. Since I have joined a softball league, you would think that I have had lots of experience with it before. Think again. This girl has zero hand eye coordination!! I did gymnastic, cheer and dive growing up. There were no balls involved in any of those sports!!! Hahaha what have I gotten myself in to?!?! Our first game is tonight! Wish me luck. Geeze. I can't even catch a ball. I know how to duck really well but catching us a different story! I hope I don't die! Haha

take care until next time,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If I decide to do it, how many days before the wedding should I get it done?

Thanks for all the help!!! :)

To wax or not to wax... That is the question

Ok, let's get a little personal here. I am HEAVILY debating whether or not to get the "Honeymoon Wax."

MyMr would probably be pleasantly surprised, but not gonna lie, I am a little shy. Yes, I said it, I am a little shy. Am I worried about it hurting? Sure. A little. But it will only hurt briefly. I am much more scared about having another woman looking at my chacha.

Have you ever waxed? Did it hurt? Was it a good or bad experience? Do you recommend it for a first timer for her honeymoon?

Take care until next time,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ring Bearer Pillow

There are SO many different styles of ring bearer pillows out there now-a-days.

There is Paloma's Nest for adorable (but oh so fragile for my 5 year old ring bearer) ring bearer bowls.

They are ADORABLE, but I certainly do not trust my ring bearer with it.

For us, we are taking the more traditional approach to a ring bearer pillow. My Martha Stewart Mom took on this task herself.

She has an embroidery machine, and stitched our names and wedding date into the pillow.

The back of the pillow has a handle for the ring bearer.

Ahhh... I love it. She is so creative, it is ridiculous.

What kind of ring bearer pillow are you going to have?

Take care until next time,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wall Sticker GIVEAWAY!!!! (not JUST for walls)

I have another great giveaway for TWO lucky people!

The UH-MAZING people over at UPrinting are offering two of my readers a custom Wall Sticker, complements of Just imagine a huge sticker that you can peel and stick on any flat surface! (Similar to the Fat Heads stickers you’ve seen on TV) In addition, these use the same high-quality printing we use for our poster prints, so you can print photos, artworks or patterns in great detail.

These Wall Stickers can be used in so many ways! I would use it for a monogram sticker for our dance floor at our wedding!!!

You could also use them to display a wedding photo, nursery rhyme on the wall of a child's room, a favorite quote... the possibilities are endless!

The details:

Two of my readers will win a 24" x 24" high quality Wall Sticker.

Winner must pay for shipping. Open to US residents only.

All entries must be received by 11:59 pm on September 13, 2009.

Here's how to enter:
(It is going to be a little different this time!!)

Since I am so psyched about this giveaway, I am offering you even more chances to win!

1st way to enter
- You will get 1 entery for leaving a comment on how you would use these wall stickers.
2nd way to enter - You may comment once every day from now until the 13th for one additional entry per comment.
3rd way to enter - You will get two entries if you become a follower of my blog (or if you are already a follower)
4th way to enter - If you post about this giveaway on your blog, sidebar, or if you tweet about it on twitter

Oh and check out these sites for more info!

Don't miss out on this giveaway! I am seriously excited about it!

Good luck everyone!!! :)

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be excited guys!!!

I have a VERY exciting giveaway announcement soon!!!! Hopefully tonight!!!

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Menu

This past weekend, myMr and I got to finalize our menu for the wedding.

We got to taste lots of delish food, but we finally came to a decision.

We will have ceasar salad to start off with. This ceasar salad isn't your typical salad. The dressing has a little hint of spice in it. DELISH!!!

Then for the actual meal, we will have:

Baked Ziti with Spicy Italian Sausage

Chicken Marsala

Scalloped Potatoes

Steamed Veggies

Are you drooling yet?

I was contemplating doing a budget breakdown. Would y'all be interested in seeing how much we spent in each area of our wedding?

P.S. Nicole-Lynn and Ready to be Mrs. B! - Don't forget to email me... stacietrumble [at] gmail [dot] com

Take care until next time,

Monday, August 31, 2009

And the winners are...

I used a highly scientific approach for choosing a winner ;) I numbered all of your entries and then I asked a co-worker to pick two numbers.

The winners of these fantastic custom printed postcards are:
Ready to be Mrs. B

Congratulations ladies!!! Please send me an email (or comment on this post) with your email address and names so that I can have the folks at UPrinting send you guys your coupon code!!

Take care until next time,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheap Ceremony Decor

I stumbled upon this picture on Wedding Bee the other day. Since we are doing baby's breath, I think it would look really nice.

Surprisingly enough, this look was done by folding 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper into a triangle. Then, some ribbon was wrapped around the paper, and some baby's breath was placed in it.



Talk about cheap and easy!!!

What are you doing to spruce up your aisles?

Take care until next time,

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!! Last day to enter is August 30TH!!!!!

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Take care until next time,

Please, oh please can I have these?

We have a rectangular arch, so I think this would work perfectly for us! Oh my goodness it is gorgeous!!


I may be feeling a little ambitious soon and try to replicate this.

Are you having moss letters at your wedding?

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you cards

Is it just me or are thank you cards the most annoying things to write?! Don't get me wrong... I am so thankful to everyone for being so kind and generous to us an I definitely want to thank them but there HAS to be a better way...

I purchased some adorable thank you cards from target (obsessed with that place) but I can't seem ti write a thank you without feeling like I'm sounding totally cheesy.

I swear I can only tell someone thank you and how they mean so much to me so many times before it just starts sounding lame. It's all true, but it totally sounds lame. Is it just me? Am I just loosing my mind from too many thank yous? Or have you guys felt this way too?!

How have you combatted the cheesy thank you?!

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The shower haps

The shower was a raging success. People were way too generous. We got over half the items on our registry!!!

My bridesmaids were so awesome!! They planned two games. One was for the guests and one was for myself. The one for the guests was a questionaire about myMr and me. There were several questions about when we started dating and how many kids we want to have, etc. My FSIL won it!! The prize was a starbucks gift card.

The other game was pretty cool. All of the guests got a piece of paper with a question on it. MyMr came up with questions about himself. Before I opened the gift from the guest they asked me their question. If I got it correct, their question got put in a basket for me to draw out of to pick a winner. It was so much fun!! Some of the questions were hard and some were easy. I think I only missed two of them!

I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but I will be sharing them with you soon!! :)

Take care until next time,

Friday, August 21, 2009

P.S. Congratulations to SAM

Sam at On my way to being a healthy bride is getting married today!!!!

Congrats girl!!! :) :)

Take care until next time,

Shower and a birthday?!

So guys... the weekend is going to be CRAZY!!!! By crazy I mean busy AND crazy FUN!

Tomorrow is my wedding shower (1 of 2)!!!

and then Sunday is


I will be 22 years young! ;)

I am off to:
-get a mani and pedi
-buy a shower dress
-get an oil change
-figure out a cheaper alternative for our tuxes
-buy my flower girls' shoes

So, I will leave you with some pictures of my venue: Riverwalk Golf Course!!! 51 days guys!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guess where I am...

... on my way to get a Red Velvet Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes!!!!!

It's a celebration cake!!!

Can you guess what the celebration is for?!

Take care until next time,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got my veil!!

FINALLY... after having my dress for almost a year... I GOT MY VEIL!!!

I debated for SOOO long with what type of veil to get. Fingertip, birdcage, chapel, cathedral?! Sooo much to choose from.

Since I posted about my dress forever ago, I will remind my new readers now.


Ok... So here it is. This is the front of it. Mine is all white with a white sash though.

And here is the back:

Ahhh it is love. I forget about it all the time, and then when I stumble across these pictures, it is love all over again.

Anyways, back to the veil. Can you guess which style I ended up with my dress?!

If you guess birdcage veil then you are... WRONG. ;)

I ended up with a chapel length veil. It is a little longer than your standard chapel length, but not long enough to be a cathedral. It actually is almost exactly the length of my train!!!!

Since my dress is so detailed, I made sure to keep my veil simple. There is a VERY slim pencil edge on it, but other than that it is plain.

The best part of all is my tiara! :) I wasn't going to get a tiara but then I saw this one and HAD to have it!

I will do a post on it once it comes in (should have come in today!!!). I must keep you in suspense until then! ;)

All I have to say is that David's Bridal better be ecstatic with how much money we spent at their store!!!

What style veil did you choose?

Take care until next time,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry I suck today

So there is no real post today. I was at work for 12 hours yesterday when I should have only been there 9. Plus on top of that I was never able to even eat lunch. Pure craziness.

I promise I will be posting some good stuff soon. In the meantime, enter my contest!! :)

take care until next time,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Flower girl baskets

Well, I nearly burned off my fingerprints in the process of creating these, but I am extremely satisfied with how they turned out.

I think they are simple, yet elegant.

I am still debating whether to add some swarovski crystals (gotta love HOTFIX) to them. For now, here they are!!!

What do you think? Should I add some crystals to them? Or are they good as is?

Just in case you were wondering, I purchased the actual baskets at Michael's for $3.99 (I used a 50% off coupon on each of them). I also got the ribbon for them at Michael's for $1.99 (they were clearanced out for 75% off).

A little hot glue was all it took! :)

Are you going to DIY your flower girl baskets?

Take care until next time,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giveaway timeee!!!

Yep, it's that time again!!

The fabulous people at UPrinting (and I truly mean fabulous) have offered to give, not one, but TWO of my readers 200 Custom Printed Postcards!!!

The possibilities are seriously endless with these!! Use can use these custom postcards as invitations, save the dates, RSVPs, or thank you cards! Of course you are not limited to that. They don't have to be for a wedding at all. You can use them as custom greeting cards as well to say hello to someone special.

I think I would use them as invitations to our rehearsal dinner!! :)

The winners will receive:

200 Custom Postcards (choose your size: 4x6, 4.25x6, 5x7"); 14pt gloss or matte, 13 pt uncoated

Full Color on both sides (4/4)

*The fine print* Shipping must be paid by Winner. Offer Valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY.

How to enter:
(1) entry for leaving a comment on how you would use this prize.
(2) entries for becoming a follower of my blog (or if you are already a follower)
(3) entries if you post about this on your blog or on your sidebar!! :)
Total of 6 entries possible!!!

So start entering and tell all of your friends because you don't have much time!!! The giveaway closes on August 30th!!!

Take care until next time,

Friday, August 14, 2009

RSVP and a tux for free?

We got our first RSVP back!!!

Dang... they were on top of it!!!

The tally is 2 yes 0 no!!

On a different note... how nice does this tux look?!

[Source: Men's Wearhouse]

I don't know why, but I love the fact that it looks more like a suit than a tux!

We picked out our tuxes the other weekend. A few days later we found out that they will cost $161 to rent... TO RENT?! Is it just me or is that crazy expensive?!

Maybe tuxes have just gone up? Dang... they are more expensive than our bridesmaid dresses and my girls get to keep them!!

Luckily myMr and a groomsmen of choice get their tuxes for FREE!!

How much were your tuxes?

Take care until next time,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick little update

I am so sorry that this week has been so crazy. I am doing some brand new stuff at work so instead of coming home and writing a post for you guys, I have been coming home and doind research until bed time. I have already taken pictures of some goodies for y'all. I promise I will get them up for you very soon!

On another note, I called my hairstylest to make my wedding day hair appointment and much to my disappointing surprise... She is in a wedding the night before and doesn't know if she will be in town in time for the wedding. Hair Fail!!

I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do yet. I never even thought something like this could happen so I did not come up with a backup plan. I will have to come up with something quickly.

On a happier note, my mama received a phone call today from a family friend that ABSOLUTELY lovedd our invitations!! And my FMIL received THREE phone calls from various people saying how much they loved our invitations!! That means it is really happening guys!!! I can't wait to start getting RSVPs in the mail!! My Mindy Weiss RSVP organizer has been lonely and needs some friends!!! :)

Take care until next time,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered... I'm Yours!!!

Well guys... this is it... the invites are OUT!

Oh please Mister Postman, please get them to their proper owners. MyMr is nervous because my sister did calligraphy on the invites and he doesn't think that Mr. Postman will be able to figure out where to take it.

I guess we will find out when the RSVPs start rolling in!!!

Since I am sure some of you are curious, here are some pictures of them!!! I am seriously in love with how they turned out!

Cost breakdown:
Invitations - $47.98
Stamps - $52.80
Hot glue gun to glue down seals - Free (already owned one)
Total - $100.78 (HELL YEAH)

Here they are:

Were you worried about your invites getting to their new owners?

Take care until next time,