Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre-Wedding Melt Down

Remember the bitch that I got into a verbal argument with seen here: bitches-and-effing-hoes

So here is what happened...

My parents and I went up to my venue the day before the wedding. We spoke to the head catering director (since the bitch that was screwed everything up wasn't there). We told him exactly how they have screwed us over. I was a mess.

See... that was me. Ya... no fun. Well, we left there with the catering director telling us that we would be reimbursed the entire venue fee and that we could come in two hours before and they would make sure the Susan G Komen people were gone. Yes, he was attempting to help, but I was sooo hung up on the principle of it all that this was not good enough.

It was not about the money, it was the fact that they totally screwed up all of the plans that we had previously made for their own gain.

I ended up getting a call from the head honcho over there and very politely I told her... and I quote... "You guys seriously need to be kissing my butt right now"

Yaaa that didn't go over well.

Anyways, she got over my little comment. I kindly made some valid points with her though and she knew I was very hurt by how they treated me.

In the end, she said that they would bring on 4 extra staff members to help set up so my family members wouldn't have to. At this point, I just had to let it go... Afterall, I didn't want to have swollen eyes on my wedding day!!! :)

Oh... don't worry... there is definitely more to come on this topic.

To be continued...

Take care until next time,

2 Wedding Bells:

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I remember you talking about them. So far I still think they screwed you over. They were totally about their profit with the SGK people.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Hmm...I'll be interested to see what the final result was. I went back and read the post and I know I would be LIVID if that happened to me. Thankfully, our venue will only allow one event per day and we are actually showing up at 8 am to begin hair and makeup for 6 ladies so that we'll be done around noon or 1 for photos to start. The rental company arrives around 8 or 9 to begin setup and the wedding isn't actually until 5 pm! We are pretty lucky about that...but I always tell my friends "Be sure to ask if they book other events on the same day." Sounds like yours did but didn't hold to what the terms would be if that happened...I'm hoping there's a satisfactory end to this story.