Friday, August 14, 2009

RSVP and a tux for free?

We got our first RSVP back!!!

Dang... they were on top of it!!!

The tally is 2 yes 0 no!!

On a different note... how nice does this tux look?!

[Source: Men's Wearhouse]

I don't know why, but I love the fact that it looks more like a suit than a tux!

We picked out our tuxes the other weekend. A few days later we found out that they will cost $161 to rent... TO RENT?! Is it just me or is that crazy expensive?!

Maybe tuxes have just gone up? Dang... they are more expensive than our bridesmaid dresses and my girls get to keep them!!

Luckily myMr and a groomsmen of choice get their tuxes for FREE!!

How much were your tuxes?

Take care until next time,

5 Wedding Bells:

Katie said...

our tuxes were around $152 ;and we felt bad having our traveling groomsmen (well, all of our groomsmen) pay so much. So we split the cost of the two free tuxes (hubs and my dad's)with the other 5 and made it about $125 for each.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That is expensive to rent!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

wow, i didn't realize that renting a tux would be that expensive... thanks for the heads up. men's wearhouse told my fiance that his tux rental would be free, but they didn't say we could have 2 free rentals.. that would be so sweet. i'll have to inquire about that since we are planning to rent 12 tuxes.

Jen said...

NICE Tux! Ours were just over 100

Katy said...

We are doing khaki suits, but it's from the same type of store. Our's are only $80 to rent, but because we aren't doing white shirts we are getting a discount on top of that so I don't know the total.