Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best conversation ever...

Me: So I think I decided to get waxed for our honeymoon!


Haha. Thanks for all of your great advice! I think I have decided to go ahead and do it!! You only live once, right?!?!

So, in other news... I have decided to join a softball league at work. Since I have joined a softball league, you would think that I have had lots of experience with it before. Think again. This girl has zero hand eye coordination!! I did gymnastic, cheer and dive growing up. There were no balls involved in any of those sports!!! Hahaha what have I gotten myself in to?!?! Our first game is tonight! Wish me luck. Geeze. I can't even catch a ball. I know how to duck really well but catching us a different story! I hope I don't die! Haha

take care until next time,

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Future Mrs. H said...

Hooooray for the waxing!! hahahahaha

GL with the softball league - I am sure it will be a blast =0)