Friday, September 25, 2009

For the Love of Marriage Licenses

MyMr and I had a lovely time getting our marriage license yesterday. When you read the word "lovely," think PURE sarcasm.

Here is how it goes:

I went to work for a couple of hours and left for a long lunch to go get our licenses. MyMr stayed home to sleep in a bit and was going to go into work late. As I am leaving work to go to pick him up, I call. No answer. At that point, I knew he was either still sleeping or in the shower.

Then, the next thought in my head is "OH CRAP! I FORGOT TO PRINT AND FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK." Oh dear. I was running a little late, but I figured I should have enough time to print out the paperwork at home and fill it out in the car on the way down.

Then, I try to call myMr again. Still no answer. At this point I am about 2 minutes away from him. I call again and finally he answers. Yep... he was still sleeping.

Oh well, no biggie, he gets ready quickly.

So, I get home and run to my parents office (the only room with a printer) in order to print out our paperwork. To my surprise, I find a locked door. I have no key. What the eff?! My parents NEVER lock that door... but it just-so-happens that when I desperately need it open, it is locked.

Crap. We are running late AND we have no paperwork. FANTASTIC.

Oh wait... it gets better.

We rush to the car to go drive to the courthouse to get our license. We park the car and walk to the building. We stand in a line to get in because they are performing xrays on all belongings. Then, we go and speak with the information lady to see where we are supposed to go...

... Sure enough, we were at the wrong place. We were at the place where you visit juvees in jail, have jury duty, etc. Sweet.

So, since parking is pretty bad in that area, we decide to walk to the correct building... 3 blocks away in 100+ degree weather.

Good Lord!

We finally arrive 30 min fashionably late for our appointment. The lady then informs us that we MAY have to make another appointment. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

There is a good ending to this story, though. The people at the county recorders office had hearts and took us anyway. Sure enough, they were able to provide us with the paperwork. We filled it out, turned it in, paid the $50 bucks, and now... we can OFFICIALLY get married!!!

Hallelujah I love a good ending!

Did anyone else have a crazy experience getting their marriage license?

Take care until next time,

3 Wedding Bells:

Nicole-Lynn said...

Wow, glad you were able to get it and not have to reschedule!

Counting down said...

What a great story... ours wasn't quite as exciting, but we definitely got to the courthouse at 3:59 ... they close at 4:00! Lets just say they weren't very happy to stay late! Glad it worked out for you! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you were able to get it!