Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under 200!?

I just looked at my countdown to the wedding only to discover that we are officially under the 200 day count. Wow, how time flies. What is crazy is that we have been engaged for 522 days. Why the heck aren't we married yet?! haha

What is your latest and greatest countdown milestone?

Take care until next time,

5 Wedding Bells:

Jane said...

522 days seems like an eternity! yay for under 200!!

Future Mrs. H said...

Other than the countdown to my 21st birthday (which started the day I turned 20 since I am younger than all of my friends) my wedding countdown is definitely the biggest one yet!!! 204 days to go!!

AmyJean said...

Yeah, i'm still in my 300's i think but just the fact that we got to the one year mark... that was pivotal :) Now i feel like the planning is really starting!



LauraAnn said...

I just hit the 150 day mark on our wedding countdown. He proposed in December of 2007 so it feels like it has been forever!

Congrats on hitting 200!

samiam4eva06 said...

That is so exciting!!!!! Yea we just changed out date from October to August.. so I'm under 150!!! crazy!!! but so exciting!