Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Band

... And no, I am not talking about a musical band.

A while ago I posted pictures of my e-ring. Now, I will share some pictures of my wedding band. It is a 2 karat eternity band. So, in 6 months, I will be rockin' 3 1/2 karats worth of diamonds on my left hand. I am still in shock by it. MyMr spoils me too much. :)

Here they are (excuse my poor photography):

We met at UCSD, home of the tritons, so I had to rock a little school spirit.

We met in the computer lab at UCSD, so I thought that a picture of my rings surrounding the letter "B" (my new last name starts with B) would be appropriate.

Well, there is it. :)

Did you pick out your ring with your fiance, or did he pick it out for you?

Take care until next time,

9 Wedding Bells:

Jenny said...

Wow, wow... how beautiful!!! Lucky girl. :)

ladybugeg said... beautiful!

AmyJean said...

Beautiful darlin' !

Katie said...

and my fi picked mine out with no help from me! It's nothing like I imagined, but absolutely perfect!

Jane said...

gorgeous ring!! i don't know who will pick it out yet, but i hope to know soon! ha!

ema.leigh said...

LOVE IT!! My sweetie picked out my engagement ring without help, but I think we're going to pick out our bands together. :)

You're is GORGEOUS!

LauraAnn said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

My fiance purchased the center diamond for my engagement ring (which was already set in a band) but then let me design my engagement ring based on the center stone (and some added diamonds). We are picking out his band together and then designing my band together

Hannah Noel said...

That's one honkin' ring!! Beautiful!

samiam4eva06 said...

Where did you get the band from?? I LOVE IT! Gorgeous girly!