Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Alive!

Hey guys!

I swear I am still alive. I have been going CRAZY with school. In exactly one week I will be a college graduate. I still can't believe it!! There is SO much to do in the next week.
- Finish computer program by Friday at midnight (I have been working on this for 5 weeks straight and it is not even close to done. I'm definitely freaking out about it)
- Finish my last paper ever by Friday (I am basically done... just need to edit it)
- Complete a visual representation of my paper by early next week
- Complete a summary by Friday
- Take a final on Monday
- Take a final on Tuesday
- CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!

I PROMISE that I will post some gooood wedding stuff very shortly.

Take care until next time,

4 Wedding Bells:

LauraAnn said...

Good luck with your projects, papers, and finals! You are almost done!!!

My Dream Ring said...

CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK with everything

Katie said...

hope it all goes well! Take it easy, we'll be here when you're finished!

Amber said...