Friday, March 27, 2009

Crate and Barrel Registry

Does anyone have any idea what is up with the Crate and Barrel Registry? It will only let me register if my wedding date is from now until April 7, 2009. I am sorry but 100% of couples that register, register more in advance than 11 days before their wedding!! What the heck!?

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LauraAnn said...

That is REALLY weird! We registered at Crate and Barrel and our wedding isn't until August 22, 2009. I started the registry from my home computer and then later went into the store to add items. I would call the nearest crate and barrel to inquire. Sorry, I know that isn't much help! Good luck!

Nicole-Lynn said...

oh how weird!

Jane said...

that sounds so strange! maybe its a glitch!

samiam4eva06 said...

and by the way.. it wont let me post a comment on you Wedding Weightloss Weekly blog!?!?!