Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls getting ready...

My girls and I had so much fun getting ready the afternoon before the wedding. Time flew by extremely quickly, but we managed to get ready just in time!

I asked our photographer to go to my parent's house in order to take pictures of my girls and I getting ready. I am SO glad he did. We managed to get some great candid pictures. They truly capture the moment.

A word of advice to all the brides-to-be... ENJOY THIS TIME IN THE MORNING. There is nothing you can do at this point... everyone knows where they need to be... everyone has been paid... everything will be great no matter what.... SO JUST RELAX! I am soooo glad I did. Nothing could have brought me out of my constant state of euphoria that day.

[FMIL and JrBMs getting ready]

[My mama helping my dad put on his tie]

[FSIL getting ready... some of my besties laughing in the background]

[My nieces looking amazing! I'm a proud auntie!]

[The flower girls looking like princesses!]

[I think this one is my favorite! My MOH (and sister) getting my niece ready! So candid! I love it!]

Is your photographer meeting you early so that you can capture candid moments?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw all of these are so great! I love the look of the flower girls face! haha Great pictures. Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see more!