Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bubble Send Off

I spent tons of time the other weekend tying tiny bows on what seemed like a gazillion tubes of bubbles. Man... I really need to delegate some of this stuff to my BM's and MOH. I feel too bad asking, so I end up just doing it myself haha.

Anyways... I spent all of that time in hopes of creating this look and feel at our wedding...



Sigh. So romantic.

So, here is how the bubbles turned out:

I am in the middle of creating a sign for the bubble basket that says:

"Blow bubbles of good wishes
for the new Mr. and Mrs."

:) :) :)

So... uhm... is it here yet?

What kind of send off are you going to do? Bubbles? Sparklers? Petals? Or is it to be determined?

Take care until next time,

P.S. I got my bubble wands on sale from The Knot. I got 48 bubble tubes for about $6! :)

P.P.S. My canvas giveaway ends SUPER soon!!! It's your last chance to get your entries in!!!

2 Wedding Bells:

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love your bubbles :) I think we'll wind up doing sparklers... we'll see!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

My uncle did bubbles at his wedding and sadly it stained her dress. She had to get it professionally cleaned twice on the hopes of it coming out.

My friend who's getting married in Feb is doing bells. Apparently she just wants people to hold them up and ring them as they walk out....umm ok.

I'm going with old school rice but yet the kind that won't kill the birds.