Saturday, July 11, 2009

3 months away...

So, today marks exactly 3 months until I get to marry the man of my dreams.

I can't believe how soon it is.

I really haven't done too much wedding stuff lately, so I thought I would find a checklist to see what I should work on in the 3 month mark.


Man, there is so much to do.

To do ASAP:
- book florist (for the flowers I will not be DIY-ing)
- food tasting
- Figure out grooms/groomsmen attire
- Have my last two Juniors buy their dresses (EEK)
- Figure out honeymoon stuff
- Try on my dress again (it has been 9 months!!!)
- Buy a veil!!!!
- Find invitation font
- Print invites
- Mail invites

Oh man, I think it is a never ending list...

What do you do to combat the never ending list?!

Take care until next time,


3 Wedding Bells:

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Don't worry! You'll get it all done!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You'll get it all done! :) Looking forward to seeing the invites!

AmyKristen said...

I LOVED the never-ending list. I always wanted it to be longer. Funny, huh? I didn't want the planning to end. But in your case, I would say to do the things seem the most fun, the things that will make you the most excited. Then try to squeeze in one of the not-so-fun tasks every few days. Try to enjoy it all. You only get to do it once. I'm so excited for you!e