Friday, June 5, 2009


I have NO idea how I want to have my hair done for the wedding. Thank goodness I have just a little over 4 months to decide.

But let's be honest, choosing the right hair style is a BIG deal!!!

My hair is getting pretty dang long. It is midway down my back now and it drives me nuts I am learning to love it. My only complaint is that my hair is super thin. I am sure there is a style out there for me somewhere!!!

In the meantime, here is some hair-spiration for you!

How are you going to wear your hair? AND besides extensions, what is the trick for thin hair?

Take care until next time,

3 Wedding Bells:

TwinsanityMom said...

LOVE the last look! I had to have extensions added for my wedding because I have fine hair and it wasn't too bad...except for all the bobby pins! I think there was about 100 in there. I would check with your hairdresser and see what they say. They might be able to give you a better idea of what can be done with your hair. Good luck!! And thanks for the sweet email. :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love Taylor Swifts looks fun, young and classic!

LauraAnn said...

I have thin hair too and my hair stylist recommended all up with loose curls. She said with loose curls she can hide more bobby pins to give it a more secure hold than if you do a sleek up do. She also said that after awhile of having your hair half down or all down, your will lose volume if you have thin hair.

I also want it all up because I don't want to fight the heat and humidity of an August wedding. That Taylor Swift hair do is very similar to what my stylist recommended. Hope that helps! Good luck!