Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our experience with registering... take 3

It was so much fun reading your guys thoughts on our registering experience.

Some of you guessed that we just went ahead and finished our registering online.

Those who guessed that are HALF right.

Basically, we decided to give the finger to Bed, Bath and Beyond COMPLETELY and we started a wedding registry with none other than...

Let me tell you... BEST experience ever. No pushy saleswomen. No walking aimlessly around a store. AND the BEST part of all... there are TONS of ratings on ALL of the products!!! That way, we know going into whether our coffee pot is gonna suck or not! Seriously, best invention ever.

Also, the prices on Amazon are already discounted and most items over $25 have FREE shipping. Now, how does BB&B even compare to THAT!?

I know there are many people that do not feel comfortable making purchases online, so we are still having our registry at Crate and Barrel for those who feel that way, but seriously... if you haven't registered yet... DEFINITELY consider Amazon.

Example of why Amazon kicks booty:
Towels are difficult to shop for online because you want to make sure that the color and texture is just to your liking. I found GREAT Tommy Bahama Towels at BB&B that were $16.99 a piece. I went onto Amazon when we got home and searched for the very specific type of towel. Not only did I find them, but they were over $5 cheaper!!!!

So, there is just a little insight for you... definitely check it out! You will LOVE it!!!

Take care until next time,

3 Wedding Bells:

Caroline said...

WOW! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you finally had a good registering experience!!! Haha, amazon is amazing!

LauraAnn said...

Glad to hear that your most recent registering experience went better!