Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Answers to Ask me anything!!!!

Yes, I know I asked you to ask me anything a long time ago, but it is better late than never, right?!

Crazy Shenanigans said...
Ok: My question is, what has been the most memorable date you and your fiance have had together?

The obvious answer to this would be the night we got engaged, so I will say that that night doesn't count. The date that sticks out in my mind is when myMr and I took my niece and nephew bowling. Just wait... I promise it gets better.

While we were bowling, there was a man next to us who spoke to myMr a bit while I was helping the kiddies bowl. He was about to leave, so he came up to us and asked if he could say a prayer for us. Of course we said yes, so right there, in the middle of the bowling alley, we joined hands and he prayed. I had no idea what he was going to say. He began saying how he saw such a spark in myMr and I that he wanted to pray to have God take care of us in our long journey together. At this point, myMr and I had only been dating for a couple months. We were not even close to engaged. It was pretty spectacular.

Blogger samiam4eva06 said...

That's a good question she gave! What has been your funnest (is that a word? lol) wedding project or thing to do..

Oooh that is a toughie... the best one has probably been the shirts that I made for my Bridesmaids to ask them to be in my wedding. Don't you guys feel cheated now that you know I made these and haven't shared them with you?! I got black tank tops from Old Navy and I rhinestoned swarovski crystals on them. If you are going to rhinestone t-shirts, you MUST use Hot Fix rhinestones! They are SUPER easy to do and they stay on!!!

Blogger LauraAnn said...

How exactly did you meet the future Mr in college?

MyMr and I met in the computer lab at UCSD. I tutored his computer science class and he had a crush on me. He waited until he was done with the class before he made his move. I went into the lab to work on a project. Little did I know that myMr was on the prowl. haha He was already in the lab, so he left and walked right back in so that it wouldn't be obvious that he was moving just to sit right next to me. He sat next to me, I introduced myself, and we INSTANTLY hit it off. It was a match made in the computer lab! :)

Blogger Katie said...

What has changed in your idea for the style of the wedding? (decor, DIY projects, colors, guest list?)

Honestly, pretty much EVERYTHING!!! First we started off with a yellow June wedding with about 250 people. Everything was going to have a real summery feel to it, and I was not going to do many DIY projects. Now, we are having a fern green and gold October wedding with about 100 people. AND I am doing SEVERAL DIY projects.

I guess that is what happens when you have 2 years to plan the wedding AND you are EXTREMELY indecisive!! haha :)

ema.leigh said...

My question is--- where are you?!?!

I promise I am back!!! and I have SO many great things to share with all of you!! :)

I had so much fun answering all of your questions!!! I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more!

Take care until next time,

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw! That's a cute memorable date story!

Kristen said...

Such a good, cute story! Happy stories are always so good to here.