Thursday, February 26, 2009

On a lighter note...

I just created an inspiration board! :) In this board I just used gold and white.

After seeing how it turned out, I kind of wish we just did gold and white... but THEN...
I had Chrissy at The Perfect Palette create an inspiration board with our colors. I was love. :)

It has such a nice fall feel to it. Ahh, October 11th cannot get here soon enough!

Have you ever wished you chose different colors?

Take care until next time,

3 Wedding Bells:

E said...

The love the gold board! very chic.
but have i ever wished i choose different colors. NAH. Can't go wrong with black and white. and I think we may throw a tiny tiny bit of pinks in there somewhere. but we're shooting mainly for the black and white.
What are your colors anyways?

Mags said...

Oooo, very regal-looking! I'm still finalizing my first board -- they're so fun to put together!

samiam4eva06 said...

How do you do an inspiration board? I want on!