Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Tissue for You...

Thank you SO much for your opinions on the clutch. I am still up in the air about it only because I have SO much time before the wedding (1 day less than 8 months) that I am afraid that I will find something better! haha

I have quite the treat for y'all today...

Have you ever been to a wedding and cried like a baby? I am sure most of us have. Let's be honest here... in the midst of crying like a baby, how unfortunate is that nasal mucus that slowly starts to greet your upper lip. Definitely not attractive. At that point, I think most of us would do ANYTHING to get our hands on a tissue.

Enter DIY Tissue Pouches!!!!

I found these beauties on Martha Stewart's webpage. I don't intend on making over 100 of them (I know most of our guests won't be crying), but I plan on making several for those who most likely will be crying. I think I will place them on the ceremony chairs.

Here are the instructions: Tissue Pouches for your guests

I could go CRAZY with DIY projects. They are SO much fun!!! :)

What has been your favorite DIY project that you have done?

Take care until next time,

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jane in the waiting line said...

those are such a great idea, and super cute.