Monday, February 9, 2009

A little inspiration...

It needs a little work, but I finally put together an inspiration board for my wedding. I will add more to it and improve it as the next few months pass by.

I can not believe the countdown is at 8 months and two days.

Thanks to all of your wonderful comments, I have officially decided on wedding day flowers. About time, right?! MyMr and I will be booking our florist in the next couple of weeks. Here is what we decided:

Brides Bouquet (1): White roses. Tightly bunched. No filler. White ribbon handle.
Maid of Honor Bouquet (1): White Baby's Breath. Gold ribbon handle.
Bridesmaid Bouquets (7): White Baby's Breath Bouquets. Fern green ribbon handle.
Junior Bridesmaid Bouquets (4): White Baby's Breath Bouquets. Fern green ribbon handle.
Flower girl petals (4): White Rose Petals (AND TONS OF THEM). Possibly some gold ones mixed in.

Besides the boutineers, the aforementioned flowers are the ONLY ones we will be having at the wedding. We budgeted $1000 for flowers, but I don't see any way that it could be that much. I guess we will find out :)

What kind of flowers will you be having on your wedding day?

Take care until next time,

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AmyJean said...

I really want to do baby's breathe - lots of it and maybe some orchids or blossoms. But i don't want to spend a ton either... so we'll see. I love your first board! Great job! I need to try to do one of those :-)

Katie said...

each of my girls will be carrying a different type of white flower and mine will be mostly roses with a little of each of theirs mixed in. My ceremony flowers are tons of baby's breath and white tulips and my reception decor is 100% hydrangeas!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Love the inspiration board!

E said...

Flowers should not be nearly $1,000.00 for the things you've listed. If you get an order into Sam's Club or Cost Co or whatever bulk store is near you and have a friend or family memeber do the arrangements for you it should be super cheap.

As for the clutch... it's cute but honestly a wedding that I was in back in June we were given a clutch and walking into the reception we all carried bags with our previous outfit we had on or a pair of sandles/slippers, our make up bags, etc. It may be more fun and come in handy to use again if you found smaller colored bags for your bridesmaids. I found some cute cream ones that you can iron things onto them or your could try looking on or old navy gets cute bags in the summer time. Hope this helps. :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love the look of baby's breath bouquets - so beautiful! Can't wait to see pics :)