Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Fabulous?! No, you are!!!

First of all, I want to thank you all for the wonderful awards you have given me. They haven't gone unnoticed. I am planning on accepting and passing on each and every one of them!

Second of all, this award I was particularly excited about receiving. My goal behind creating this blog was to help just one person plan an amazing wedding. I never would have anticipated all of the amazing praise and encouragement that I have received. AND, hopefully in the meantime, I have helped someone out.

This award was given to me by Katie over at The Indecisive Bride. Although she claims to be so indecisive, her ideas and plans for her wedding have been absolutely amazing. She is a beautiful person, and I can just tell that her and her soon-to-be hubby are going to have a long happy life together. PLUS, she is moving to San Diego!!! We all know this is the best place evaaaaa! ;)

Rules of the tag:List 5 Obsessions/Addictions that you have, and tag back to the person(s) that gave you the award. Post the rules and tag and additional 5 people.

1. Google Reader: This one should seem obvious for all of you up-and-coming brides. I am completely addicted to Google Reader because of all the blogs I have to read. I read all of your posts over there. It is the best place for me to organize all the great ideas with the *star feature.

2. Gossip Girl: I know, I know... How can I be addicted to all of that drama, right? Man, I look forward to Monday at 8pm every week, for the small small hope that Chuck and Blair will look past all of their hardships and officially become a couple. They are way too perfect for each other. Honestly, they are the reason why I am addicted.

3. Target: I cannot walk into this place without making a purchase. I have even forgiven them for their TERRIBLE return policy. Their clothes are so cute, and their groceries are too inexpensive to pass up. Honestly, Target is BY FAR the best place to go grocery shopping. I'm telling you, you will save TONS of money.

4. Malibu Rum: What a lush, right? I actually rarely drink. I have had my share back in the day, but now, I am a party pooper. However, when I do drink, my favorite thing is Malibu Rum with Orange, Strawberry, Banana Juice. MMMMMM... try it sometime.

5. Michael's: Wow, I just realized that two out of my five obsessions are stores. This one is seriousssss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael's. I could go shopping there everyday and be a happy camper. There are so many different artsy things to look at and try to do myself. It is so much fun! The best/worst part of all is that the Michael's by my work is the biggest/best Michael's ever. OMG... I need help with my addictions. :)

So now, my job is to tag 5 of you with Fabulous Blogs... It is a really hard choice since I think all of your blogs are fabulous, but here they are:

- Amy Jean over at The Relentless Bride. This girl is definitely fabulous. She always has great feedback for you as well as a fantastic blog. It is so much fun to read. She also always has contests for all of us brides on a budget. She is a great girl.

- Erika over at Southern Belle Wedding. Her wedding is going to be absolutely amazing. She has so many great ideas. It makes me wish that I was a Southern Belle!

- Mrs. Wonderful over at An Atlanta Bride. Her wedding is getting SO close. It is so exciting to see all of the different ideas that she has, all of which are wonderful. I always look forward to reading her blog!

- Caitlin over at From Ms. to Mrs.. This blog is so much fun to read. She is so real in all of her posts. I really feel like I can relate to her. Tight budget or not, her wedding is going to be beautiful!!!

- Last but not least, Sam at On my way to being a healthy bride. This girl is SUCH and inspiration. She was my first follower of my weightloss blog. She has done such a great job so far on her journey to be a healthy bride. This girl has already lost 11 pounds! Talk about amazing. Keep it up girl, you rock!

You all have great blogs. I hope you keep writing even after your big days!!!

Take care until next time,

4 Wedding Bells:

ladybugeg said...

Thanks girl...I am so glad you like my ideas! I read you blog religiously as well... :) Here's to beautiful weddings!

Caitlin said...

Well thanks chica! I'm filling one out that Katie left me...hopefully I'll have it posted by tonight!
Love & hugs.

AmyJean said...

You are very sweet... i don't know if i said that... so i came by to, and realized, i didn't! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)


jessica lynn said...

i love gossip girl too! especially with a glass of wine!