Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Bridesmaid Bouquets

Ok, so maybe my junior bridesmaids are not babies anymore, but I had the whole "B" thing going.

Recently I stumbled across the PERFECT bouquet for my junior bridesmaids. I have four of them. They are 9, 10, 11, and 12 years old. They are too young and tiny to wear the bridesmaid dresses, so we opted to have them be junior bridesmaids. These girls are fantastic.

Well, for the bouquets for the wedding, myMr and I decided that it would be perfect to have the junior bridesmaids carry white gerbera daisies, the bridesmaids carry a mix of white gerbera daisies and white roses, and I will be carrying a beautiful bouquet of white roses. I also have considered doing gold feathers for the bottom part of the bridesmaid bouquets. That part is still in the works. However, I have found perfect bouquets for the junior bridesmaids. They are nice and petite, and very cost effective. Take a look at these beauties.

I love how small they are, yet there is a lot of character in them. Rather than having white ribbon around the stems, I think I will opt for gold ribbon. I can't imagine these being very expensive. I can't wait for my meeting with our florist. I hope we can find some very cost effective, yet cute bouquets for my ladies.

What do y'all think?

I will leave you with this link today. It is a link to the hundred push up challenge that I will be embarking on. It is totally off subject, but I think it could inspire many of you brides out there!

Take care until next time,

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AmyJean said...

Those are VERY cute... (PS. I think i got up to like 12 push ups... )


Katie said...

wow, four junior bridesmaids! too cute.

!llegally blonde said...

Once again... you come up with beautiful ideas!

I left you something over at my blog girl :D

Hannah Noel said...


Katie said...

hey check out my blog. I tagged you!

AmyJean said...
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Daffernia said...

Awesome.!! I can't wait to see your bridesmaids dresses.