Sunday, November 16, 2008

Say yes to the dress?

So, with the venue location decided and paid for, it is now time to discuss one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning... PICKING OUT THE DRESS.

My best advice for finding your perfect wedding dress is to shop around and try on EVERYTHING. Most girls go shopping with this idea of what their wedding dress will look like. A lot of girls will only try on dresses that look just like what they have envisioned. For me, and many others, my dress was NOTHING like I had imagined it looking. I always wanted the big poofy style, but with no train, and definitely NO LACE. I thought it was horribly old fashioned and tacky.

Well... guess what ladies...

THE dress is mildly poofy, with a train, AND its lace. I tried on bunches of dresses in a bunch of different styles and I just kept coming back to this one. I knew it was the one once I put it on. I felt beautiful in it.

Here it is:

I loved the way I felt as soon as I tried this dress on. I just know that I will make myMr cry as soon as he sees me coming around the corner wearing this dress. It is going to be amazing. It is seriously nothing like I ever thought that I would like. It is bizarre.

What was amazing was that this dress was being discontinued when I purchased it, so it was extremely discounted. I walked out of the store with my wedding dress purchased for only $591.00. I could not believe it. What a steal. AND that is with tax included.

Just wait until you see my shoes. I will leave that for another post, but I will say this... they are DEFINITELY not your typical wedding shoes. I love love love them.

I know many people talk poorly about David's Bridal, but I had an amazing experience with them, and so my link for today will be to David's website. Try it out. You may be surprised :)


Take care until next time,

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AmyJean said...

that is gorgeous. I love it!

MC108 said...

oOo It's lovely!